Laura Lamoreaux and Tici L. French


Works in Progress

Invisible Princess

Things are already dire for the country from Orindale as the nearby country threatens war over the dangerous black crystal mines.  To stave of the attack, the King has offered a betrothal contract to the youngest son of Allyria, Prince Orsino to his oldest daughter Olivia. 

Unfortunately the day before his planned arrival, Olvia insults the Wizard Abritrator and ends up cursed to invisiblity until she can learn to treat others with respect. 

To save the betrothal and stem of war, her younger twin sister, Viola, must take her place.  Shy and studious, Viola usually spends her time tending to the sick and injured at healers hall.  But when forced into the deception she soon finds her self falling in love with her sister's intended.   This drives a wedge between the already factious relationship between the sisters.

Things grow even murkier when the Hallendar ambassador turns up dead.

This is a young adult fantasy novel that hints at elements of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. 
Curse of Silver Lake
Sixteen-year-old Maggie Hernandez has a good life in New York until a mysterious house fire tears her family apart—and opens Maggie’s eyes to the magical world she never knew she was a part of. Blamed by her mother, and feeling abandoned by her father, Maggie is sent to live with a grandmother she barely knows, who lives on a goat farm so she can learn to master her magic. Maggie has been in Silver Lake, for less than an hour when she witnesses a swan turn into the very attractive, very naked high school quarterback, Ethan. She brings Ethan back to her grandmother for help, only to find she has fallen into a coma that doctors cannot explain, but that Maggie soon learns is tied to the curse of Silver Lake.

With her grandmother’s life on the line, and time running out, Maggie must overcome her own fear of magic before time runs out, and the curse becomes permanent. Maggie must face an overzealous social worker, a controlling mother, and a jealous girlfriend as she navigates her new world of magic, curses, and small town high school. Inspired by the classic fairy tale Swan Lake, Curse of Silver Lake is a Young Adult contemporary fantasy novel.

Silver Lake Book 2 (title TBA)

Book two returns to the small town of Silver Lake were Maggie, Ethan and Luca must deal with mysterious deaths, out of control powers and the reprisials of the guaridan council for unapproved curses. 


What would happen after artificial inteligence has taken over life on this planet?  What would happen to the human spirit?  Would some part of it survive?  That's the world that DA1S3 lives in.   Humans have already lost the war agains the machines.  Now, A human teenager controlled by automatons and nanite technology, DA1S3 must rediscover what it means to be human and spread that knowledge to others before its too late.