Laura Lamoreaux and Tici L. French


Laura Lamoreaux

"What makes a great writer is thousands of pages written."-- Paul Haggis
screenwriter, Crash, Million Dllar Baby, 

Laura Lamoreaux is a licensed clinical psychologist in Ogden, Utah.  She wrote her first collection of short stories at 6, and her first (really awful) novelat 16, and has been writing ever since. When she isn’t with patients, she’s playing Princess and the Poison Witch with her two super blond kiddos.

Laura had written three novels before pairing up with long-time best friend T.L. French to try collaborative writing. For as long as she's known her, T. L. has had a writing notebook full of stories, but no finished works. The combined writing process Lamoreaux and French have developed allow T. L. to take her love for stories and see them realized by Laura's writing.